Residency on the Farm

More Details

When is this happening? The next Residency is July 14-20, 2019.

Who should apply? Artists of all kinds who enjoy being close to nature.

What do people do at the residency? Residents take a week to work, talk and eat great food. Every artist presents a craft talk and some of their work. The residency offers delicious farm-to-table meals.

Why would we do this? Because it can be hard to find supportive, focused time and places to work.

Where do residents stay? We offer a variety of housing, based on preference and availability. Accommodations range from artists bringing their own tents to concept camping tents to a few places in the house. Everyone has access to the farm house, a number of places to work, bathrooms, electricity and running water. There is, however, no internet.

I have more questions. Great. Please email us at or write to us at our contact page.

I want to apply. Great. Please email us at or write to us at our contact page.

I want to donate to support artists in residence. Wow! Great. Your donation will be tax deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. Please email us at, write to us at our contact page, or click this link to donate online.